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We're creating a new standard for gut health,
supported by amazing collaborators and partners

We’ve spoken to thousands of people with gut health issues

This is what we’ve learned

Injoy was started by patients, doctors, and researchers who were tired of wondering what was going on with their guts and what could be done to improve it.

We are bathroom enthusiasts who believe that the time we spend in the bathroom has the power to help us all realize intestinal joy and live happier and healthier lives.

The Team Behind Injoy

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Luca Cuccia CEO

Michael Golfi CTO

Gut Health Advocate

Crohn's Patient

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We believe in peer reviewed research
and work closely with researchers across the globe

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Dr. Houman Farzin, MD

Nutrition and Mindfulness


Dr. Kamran Kafi, MD

Digital Health & AI

Digital Health & AI


Dr. Sani Karam, MD

Clinical Product Design

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