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Everything you need to understand and improve your microbiome



*Other plans starting at $3.99/month

The Intestinal Joy Starter Kit

3 Microbiome Tests

6 Free Months of Injoy Basic

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Here's What Makes
Our Microbiome Test Unique

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Injoy Basic



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Limited Time Discount

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Injoy fits seamlessly into your bathroom ritual to help you maintain and improve your intestinal health day by day

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Effortlessly track your nutrition, symptoms, and wellbeing with the Injoy App

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The Injoy Beacon* will send your phone convenient reminders to check-in. All you have to do is walk into your bathroom.

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Checking in helps Injoy identify your unique triggers and provide personalized tips to improve your health step by step

*Injoy Basic includes a free Injoy Beacon

Injoy App

Injoy Beacon

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Injoy Premium



Limited Time Discount

3 Month Minimum

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All the benefits of Injoy Basic and more

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Know why you feel how you feel with Injoy’s powerful 3 sample test kit

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Test Kits are sent every 3 months so you can track your progress and keep your gut in check

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Understand your gut inflammation, your microbiome's ability to produce vitamins, and how to optimize your gut over time through 19 powerful biomarkers

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Injoy Microbiome Test

Injoy Beacon

Injoy App

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The Injoy App

Know what's best for your gut health with three daily scores: Nutrition, Body Health and Wellbeing

See how your diet and lifestyle are impacting your health in as little as 3 days and receive personalized tips to get your gut back on track

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Injoy AI

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The Injoy Beacon

The Injoy Beacon makes gut health tracking a powerful part of your bathroom ritual by sending you gentle reminders to check-in when you sit down on the toilet.

The more you track, the better we understand your needs and the faster we'll be able to guide you to intestinal joy.

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The Injoy Microbiome Test

Never ask yourself if your gut health issues are
‘in your head’ again.

Understand how your microbiome is functioning and if certain foods or supplements could give you a boost.

Simply swab your toilet paper. No more buckets...

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Not in the US or Canada?

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Take the Guesswork Out of Gut Health

Bring Your Gut Health Into Focus

We compare your gut to people with IBS, IBD and more so you can confidently understand your gut health status. Check out our peer-reviewed publication on the topic.

Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps you lead a healthy lifestyle by identifying which foods support and hinder your microbiome based on the latest peer-reviewed literature.

Our 3 sample test kit shows you how your microbiome is evolving over time so you proactively address issues and accurately monitor your progress.

Compare Your Gut with 35,000 Other People

AI Powered

3 Tests vs 1

Explore our App for FREE!

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