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The Injoy microbiome test kit

The Injoy Microbiome Test Kit

Collect 3 microbiome samples per kit.

Tailored diet and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique microbiome.

$199.99 $249.99

Compare your microbiome to 35,000 others with gut health issues.

The Power of Routine Microbiome Testing

Our unique test kit allows you to see how your microbiome is changing over time in response to your diet, lifestyle, and symptoms.

By tracking changes in your microbiome over time, we’ll help you identify patterns in your gut health so you can make more informed decisions and address any potential issues before they become serious.

As you make changes to your diet and lifestyle, you'll be able to see how they are impacting your microbiome, giving you valuable insights to optimize your health.

How it works

Order Your Kit

Get a complete picture of your gut health from the confort of home with Injoy's convenient 3 sample test kit.


Swab Away

Simply use the included swabs to gather 3 samples over the course of 10 days.

Ship Your Samples

When you're ready to send your samples back to our lab, simply use the prepaid envelope provided.

Dive Into Your Report

Receive a comprehensive analysis of you microbiome, along with personalized recs to help you achieve intestinal joy. We'd be happy to review your results with you.

The Injoy microbiome report gut health score

AI powered insights

Our test kit uses AI to compare your microbiome to 35,000 other people with gut health issues such as IBS, IBD, and more, so you can confidently understand your gut inflammation.

Check our our peer-reviewed publication on the topic.

The Injoy microbiome report diet section

Feed your microbiome

We'll let you know which foods to avoid and enjoy based on the latest peer-reviewed literature. Helping you give your microbiome the dietary support it deserves.

We recommend retesting every 3 months to update your recommendations and track your progress.

The Injoy microbiome report metabolism section

19 powerful biomarkers

Our comprehensive report covers 19 key indicators, giving you a clear picture of your gut health and its capabilities.

This is critical for understanding what your microbiome can produce on its own and where you may have deficiencies.

Biomarkers include:

Short chain fatty acid production

Fiber digestion potential

Vitamin B production

Lactose degradation

GABA production

and more


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