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Luca Cuccia, CEO of Injoy, winner of the 2020 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

The Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest celebrates 25 of Quebec’s up-and-coming entrepreneurial talents. They are the next generation of bold and creative risk-takers, driving progress and innovation while contributing to the advancement of business in the province and beyond.

Since its inception in 2011, Claudine Blondin and Stephen Bronfman have championed the convictions of these deserving winners.

This year’s cohort will have the opportunity to attend C2 Online — Montréal 2020 (October 19-30) as well as C2 Montréal’s 2021 edition in the spring. They will also be provided with a series of customized workshops aimed at upgrading their entrepreneurial skills and bringing their startups to the next level.

Congrats Luca, CEO of Injoy (Previously Phyla)!

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