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Unlocking Your Gut Health: The Interplay Between Composition, Diversity, and Stability

We assess your gut microbiome health by determining its bacterial composition, which is the population of different microorganisms present, the diversity of these populations, and how these levels fluctuate between samples, known as stability. This provides a personalized perspective on your gut health that makes it possible to create recommendations to improve your microbiome according to your data.

In case you’re wondering what could have disrupted your gut health in the first place, there are numerous things that can trigger changes in diversity, stability, and the population of the gut microbiome; they’re in large part the same things that shape the development of your microbiome from before you were even born. Environmental, demographic, lifestyle, and medical factors all play a role, with some major elements being diet, sleep health, geographic region, stress and psychological disturbances, drug and alcohol consumption, and antibiotic use. These can all impact your microbiome in different ways, with the end result often being an impact on your gut health, which in turn can affect your mental, immune, and physical health.

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