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Injoy Partners with the Quebec Smartcare Consortium to Make Healthcare Data More Accessible

The new Quebec SmartCare Consortium has received $10M to break down data silos and increase the accessibility of healthcare information to patients, clinicians and researchers.

Injoy (Previously Phyla) is proud to be supporting the development of the Quebec Smartcare Consortium. Backed by funding from the Health Collaborations Accelerator Fund of the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation and private partners Roche, Novartis, the McGill University Health Centre Foundation and the Cedars Cancer Foundation, this three-year project brings together a group of public and private healthcare organizations in Quebec to digitize healthcare and improve access to healthcare data by 2030.

During Phase one, Injoy’s CEO, Luca Cuccia, will be participating in key stakeholder co-design sessions to develop the infrastructure to support SmartCare across the consortiums three locations: the Cedars Cancer Centre and the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC, and the

department of Hemato-Oncology at the Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine. This will be followed by phase two of the project where remote monitoring technology and analytics will be provided by consortium partners Opal, VitalTracer, iMD Research, My Intelligent Machines, and Imagia, guided by industry partners Roche and Novartis.

Injoy looks forward to working with the consortium partners to accelerate the development of a modern data driven healthcare system for improved patient outcomes.

For more information on the Quebec SmartCare Consortium, visit

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